I don't know how Student Loans were created.

I could look it up, but rather than do that I'll go on imagining that someone once wanted to go to school to get a good education, and he went to the school and got a good education. Then he decided that he would use his education to open his own school for others who wanted a good education. Because the school he went to was business school, his next thought was 'There's money to be had here...' and he decided that he would charge people to attend his school. At first the school suffered, because he charged a lot of money, and though people were attracted to the school based on its price tag, they couldn't afford it. So the man decided to loan the people the money to attend his school, thinking that when they get their education, they would go off and make money to repay him. This is also how the first Pyramid Scheme was created.

But... do you know how the Dodo was doomed for extinction?